Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I Writer. I Professor?

(05-Nov-2011) Update: I went back to confirm my findings and based on an advanced degree,professor came up as a top candidate. Considering one of my first jobs was a peer math tutor, I currently enjoy a role as a software consultant which includes teaching others, and I love writing I’m sure I’ll end up in a related field.
I finally bought the series of assessments on for $20. It suggested my personality and skills match engineer and programming-type careers. However my values and interests better fit high-profile or creative roles like director, musician, composer, designer, or creative writer.
Here’s my current breakdown and corresponding recommended careers:
  • Personality (Jung-based assessment): ENTP or Extroverted, Intuitive, Thinker, Perceiver (matches architect, engineer, programmer)
  • Values: achievement, independence, recognition (matches director, musician, design)
  • Interests: artistic and social (matches interpreter, creative writer, composer)
  • Skills: Engineers/Architecture and Computer/Mathematical (matches architect, engineer, programmer)
The “composite” score suggested “Technical Writer” at 75%. Awesome! This matches the fact I believe writing really helped and framed my career in IT.
However, that suggestion was was followed by “Marine Architect” and most of the above careers, each matching at around 68%. These are just assessments but it does reflect my varied interests and hard-to-pin down career path.

Years after my family encouraged me to not pursue a career in theater or acting after high school, I still feel the pull between a desire to be creative versus mathematically inclined. Perhaps I’ll end up writing about whatever I feel like.

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