About Me

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I enjoy product management and guiding teams in creating solutions that leverage good design that balances developer, end-user, and business needs.

I also enjoy developing my subject matter expert (SME) roles and my last fascination score suggested I was intrigued by prestige, rather than power. I like having unique talents, expertise, and the occasional technology toy.

My path started a bit entrepreneurial before exploring creative and technological careers and hobbies.

(0. I once had a note sent home in grade school asking my parents that I stopped trying to peddle some home-made arts & crafts to fellow classmates. Apparently the other parents got upset when their kids started asking for quarters to spend on my pipe-cleaner creations.)

  1. Earliest work experience included tutoring math in high school
  2. Wrote in the school paper and performed in theatre
  3. Studied Civil Engineering and Math before moving to Computer Science and IT
  4. Taught martial arts and competed in ballroom dancing
  5. Started in IT as a development intern
  6. I moved to research, technical writing, business analysis, and project management.
  7. Moved into software consultancy and product management
I like creative technical pursuits that let me teach and help others. Community is important to me. So I’m working towards becoming a "Professor” of sorts in my company or perhaps industry.

Some other random tidbits that I've done:
  • a black belt in Tang Soo Do
  • created web pages from scratch
  • tutored peers in math in high school
  • competed or performed salsa, paso doble, cha cha, swing, rumba, as well as other ballroom numbers (community events, weddings, etc)
  • performed hip-hop, filipino folk, jazz, and ballet (with a local dance studio)
  • performed in high school theatre
  • created hundreds of music edits for wedding couples, professional dancers, and large events
  • designed fliers and business cards for professional dancers and small businesses
  • completed an internship as a web developer (and was hired!)
  • broke a board on fire (the board, not me)

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