Saturday, September 10, 2016

The New

I originally created my website to serve as my online resume circa 2011. I was completing my bachelor's degree and also wondering if I could become a consultant. But, my Linked-In profile, and a career change (into consulting) made a domain with my name in it much less important. Oh and the fact that there are several people with my name online didn't help either.

I plan on keeping the domain but am moving it here to Blogger for now.

The old site served me well.
If you're new to blogging and just need a blog, Wordpress or Blogger would serve you well. Unique domains will cost you $10-$20 a year.

If you really want a small website to represent your small-to-medium business with some light integration options and design flexibility, consider a hosted solution (e.g. BlueHost or similar), which can run $10-$20 a month. Hire a web designer or small agency to get you started.

If you're an enterprise customer, well good luck. There are plenty of options, but my favorite is SDL Web aka SDL Tridion. ;-)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I Writer. I Professor?

(05-Nov-2011) Update: I went back to confirm my findings and based on an advanced degree,professor came up as a top candidate. Considering one of my first jobs was a peer math tutor, I currently enjoy a role as a software consultant which includes teaching others, and I love writing I’m sure I’ll end up in a related field.
I finally bought the series of assessments on for $20. It suggested my personality and skills match engineer and programming-type careers. However my values and interests better fit high-profile or creative roles like director, musician, composer, designer, or creative writer.
Here’s my current breakdown and corresponding recommended careers:
  • Personality (Jung-based assessment): ENTP or Extroverted, Intuitive, Thinker, Perceiver (matches architect, engineer, programmer)
  • Values: achievement, independence, recognition (matches director, musician, design)
  • Interests: artistic and social (matches interpreter, creative writer, composer)
  • Skills: Engineers/Architecture and Computer/Mathematical (matches architect, engineer, programmer)
The “composite” score suggested “Technical Writer” at 75%. Awesome! This matches the fact I believe writing really helped and framed my career in IT.
However, that suggestion was was followed by “Marine Architect” and most of the above careers, each matching at around 68%. These are just assessments but it does reflect my varied interests and hard-to-pin down career path.

Years after my family encouraged me to not pursue a career in theater or acting after high school, I still feel the pull between a desire to be creative versus mathematically inclined. Perhaps I’ll end up writing about whatever I feel like.